About us

ATA seafood is a UK based company, which is specialized in trade of sourcing and distributing frozen prawns and other seafood from around the world. We benefit from more than 20 years of family background in seafood business and international market, as an independent business providing great quality and value for money products across the world.

Our main areas of activity are import and wholesale distribution of farmed frozen prawns as well as variety of fish such as Lizard fish, Ribbon fish and Cephalopods such as Cuttlefish and Squids, and also Caviar.

We offer our seafood products with competitive price and then we take care of export and import to the UK and any other countries. We have a sustainable supply chain, and we provide to a wide range of customers, including wholesale, catering and retailers.

ATA seafood is most specialized in exporting of Vannamei Farmed prawns, which have been raised with best organic method in our farm without any added antibiotics and chemical prawn feed. We offer exporting of thousands of tonnes of seafood annually with guaranteed and fast delivery methods. Our packaging can differ 500 grams to 6kg blocks.